Monday, October 27, 2014


I previously wrote about poison mailbox detection in Exchange 2010 and how to find mailboxes that have been quarantined. In Exchange 2013 there are 2 additional cmdlets to assist with troubleshooting mailboxes. The new cmdlets that were added were Enable-MailboxQuarantine and Disable-MailboxQuarantine. With Enable-MailboxQuarantine it gives you the ability to manually quarantine a mailbox at your discretion. This can be useful for testing the functionality of quarantining a mailbox or, more importantly, quarantining a mailbox that is causing issues issues on a server. 

As great as the new cmdlets are, there is still a hole that needs to be filled. There is no Get-MailboxQuarantine cmdlet to check/verify if a mailbox has been quarantined. We still have to resort to digging through event logs or registry keys. So I wrote a script to do just that. 

Currently version 1 of the script just searches the event logs for users that have been quarantined. The script has a one optional parameter where you can specify a specific server if you wish. I plan on updating the script to search through the registry as well in the event that your environment has many event logs that would remove the quarantine event log. I will update this blog when that happens.

The download for the script is

You can read more about the new cmdlets in 2013 at the link below:

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